Level 1 Questions:

Who died in a terrorist attack in Somalia?

- Aar, a UN worker

Where does the story take place?

- Nairobi, a city in Kenya

Why were Valerie and Padmini in Uganda?

- Claim land that was Padmini's ancestors

- Sent to jail for sexuality

Level 2 Questions:

Who has a stronger influence on the children- their mother, Valerie, or their aunt, Bella?

- Bella, she establishes her role in the household

- Salif respects Bella and listens to her more than Valerie

- Both children are confused with their mothers sudden appearance and are just excited to see her but she doesntt have much authority over her kids

What does the dark room symbolize?

- Bella cares about Salif and Dahaba, willing to invest her the children

- Wants to share her expertise and experience with the children

What roles do love and admiration play in the novel?

- People are willing to sacrifice their past life and time when they heard of Aar's death because they admire and love Aar

- For example, Bella or Padmini

What role do the children play in the novel?

- Shows a living part of Aar

- Expresses how teenagess handle and react to a tragedy in their life

Level 3 Questions:

Should a husband or wife be allowed to claim custody of their children, if one of the spouses dies and the other left home when the children were of a young age?

- Depending on the situation, if there is no one else to take custody of the kids then the only surviving parent should take custody

- However, in Bella's case she was a larger part of the children's life than their mother so she had the right to custody. As stated in the Will.

Does the way an individual reacts to a situation depend on his/her age?

- Yes, depending on age determines the maturity of the reaction and how society expects you to uphold yourself

- For example, Bella felt she needed to stay composed so she would look stronger

- Kids are almost expected to be distraught and confused because they do not know how to handle a serious situation

Can/should a government create and enforce laws that forbid certain kinds of relationships between people?

- Governments should not have control over certain relationships based off of sexuality

- People should be allowed to express their true emotions regardless of what other people think

- However, depending on the type of government, laws can be enforced to not allow certain relationships

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