Alternate endings—  Hiding in Plain Sight ends when Valerie and Padmini return to India leaving the children in Bella's custody.

 1. Gunilla, Aar's lover, is secretly a member of the terrorist forces that organized the attack that killed Aar. Gunilla works for the United Nations and delivers classified information to the terrorists to assist in planning their attacks.  Seen as a threat, Aar was selected as a target and Gunilla was assigned to get closer to him by romancing him.  To Gunilla, their affair was strictly business. Once Aar phoned Gunilla to inform her that he would be leaving soon for Nairobi, Gunilla and the terrorist organization decided they needed to act quickly, while Aar was still in Mogadiscio. The terrorists executed the attack to what seemed like perfection, and no one knew of Gunilla's involvement.  About a month later, Immaculata, Gunilla's tea girl, opens the door to Gunilla's office and does not knock.  When she walks in, Immaculata sees Gunilla skyping a conference of the terrorists' most well-known leaders.  In shock, Immaculata screams.  Other workers of the UN rush to Gunilla's office, where Gunilla holds a gun and has taken Immaculata hostage.  Guards come and Gunilla eventually surrenders.  When Bella hears of the incident, she decides that Africa is too dangerous and corrupt to raise children, so she, Salif, and Dahaba, flee to Italy. 

2. After receiving a note saying "deth," Aar has a feeling that he has been targeted by the Shabaab terrorist forces.  Aar quickly collects his photographs from the United Nations office in Mogadiscio and, on his way out the back door, he hears an explosion coming from the front of the office.  Aar runs to the nearby metal dumpster to take shelter.  After the explosion, he realizes he is not hurt, but knows that the Shaabab may be nearby to ensure Aar is killed.  So, Aar makes a run for it.  He finds the nearest taxi and asks to be taken to the coast.  In a village by the beach, Aar meets three Somalian pirates preparing to depart for their next Southern voyage that evening.  Aar pays them a large sum of money with the promise that they will take him to the Kenyan coast on their way.  The pirates, who respect Aar as a fellow Somali, do as they promised and drop Aar off at Mombasa, Kenya.  With little money left and no charger for his dead cellphone, Aar sells his watch and jacket for taxi fare and sets off toward Nairobi.  Since Aar has been nowhere to be found, his briefcase was found in the UN office wreckage, and the bodies are too mutilated to be recognized, the investigators assume that Aar is among the dead. When Aar arrives at his house and Bella realizes he is alive, she decides never to take him or the children for granted and lives in Nairobi to remain a part of their lives.

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